Deepskin Indiba

INDIBA® Deep Care is a unique and patented radiofrequency, so called Proionic®radio frequency, which offers pleasant and effective treatments for facial and body enhancements. INDIBA® Deep Care is indicated for skin tightening, cellulite reduction, body contouring and pre/post-surgery applications.


The Proionic® radiofrequency safely and gradually increases temperature at selected areas within the body. In addition to this, it works at a specific frequency which enables the correct movement of the ions through the cell membrane. With non-thermal and thermal actions, INDIBA® Deep Care treatment triggers biological responses within the body that lead to tissue regeneration and fat reduction whilst respecting natural cell physiology.


The Proionic® radiofrequency safely goes through the body, being much more effective in the deep tissues than alternative multipolar radiofrequency systems. In addition to this, its specific frequency increases the bio-stimulation and fully respects natural cell physiology. As a consequence, the results are not only superficially visible but also deeply generated with long-lasting effects.





Our service include :

·       Face & Neck
·       Breast
·       Buttock
·       Stomach
·       Back & Flank
·       Medispa