RF Indiba Face

RF Indiba Face

Indiba is a non-invasive treatment which involves the delivery of its patented 448 kHz monopolar radiofrequency energy deep into the skin’s dermis and sub-dermal layer without damaging the external layer of skin.

This energy heats up the collagen and the layer of skin that produces collagen. One characteristic of collagen is that when heated, it tightens; hence skin appears firmer and younger. And when the layer that produces collagen gets heated repeatedly over time, it will be stimulated to produce more collagen.

Indiba Therapy benefits are :

Skin tightening: Initially, this is achieved via immediate contraction of collagen fibres. With repeated treatments, results continue to improve over several months as regeneration of new collagen takes place.

Skin rejuvenation: As a result of new collagen regeneration, improvements to wrinkles, scars, pore size, and stretch marks are seen.

Fat reduction: At higher energies, radiofrequency can be used to heat up the fat layer and to shrink fat cells. This application is useful for sculpting of the face and body.